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Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) allows businesses and employees to communicate whenever, wherever and however they choose. Momentum Telecom’s UC&C solution delivers to customers the ability to choose from multiple collaboration tools to deliver best in class end-users experience while giving businesses the tools they need to stay productive and efficient.

  • Call control and multimodal communications
  • Presence
  • Instant messaging
  • Unified messaging (voicemail to email, fax, etc)
  • Conferencing
  • Collaboration tools
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Hosted VoIP Business Drivers

There are several reasons that companies are moving to the cloud and choosing a hosted PBX as their telephony solution. When making a purchasing decision, there are many benefits and features to a Hosted VoIP solution that decision makers need to know.

Superior Quality

Many people’s first exposure to VoIP has been through residential or free services such as Skype, or through lower-end providers, giving the impression that VoIP quality is poor. But, there are providers that have built their Hosted VoIP solution to meet the needs of enterprise customers. With a broadband network designed and built specifically for voice quality, Momentum Telecom is one of the only service providers that solves the common voice quality issues and delivers the clarity, consistency and reliability that is critical to business. Momentum’s bandwidth is sensitive to voice data and flexes to give voice the necessary bandwidth while other networks fail to distinguish between voice and common data transfer.

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